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How much does a brand cost?

The biggest variable affecting the price is the scope of the work that needs to get done. Research can add a significant bump to the price as can the creation of deliverables. The bottom line is that the branding process must be viewed as an investment — it’s the design of your company. Compared to the cost of implementation, designing the brand is a bargain.

How long does it take for Motte Media to develop a brand identify?

It could take up to 90 days…but we’ve been know to do it in as little as 2-4 weeks. The availability of the client team and the decision-making process on the client side are typically the biggest influencers of how long the process takes.

We just need a logo, can you help us?

Absolutely Yes!

Who owns the rights to the work you do for clients?

Once full payment has been received the client owns the brand identity — we created it for you and it has no value to anyone else other than you.

What happens if I don't like what you come up with?

Too bad. Just kidding. We’re fortunate enough to rarely have to deal with this situation but if it comes up, our guarantee kicks in. We’ll work on it until you love it… Period.

I don't have much of a budget. What's the best way to proceed?

Raise your money first. If you don’t have enough to develop your brand, you certainly won’t have enough to implement it properly. Call us and we’ll help you budget for brand success. The fee for this service is minimal and often free.

What industries does Motte Media specialize in?

We pride ourselves on NOT specializing in any one industry. Instead we specialize in the process of branding that spans all industries. The branding situation for most companies is identical — the search for clarity and focus first and foremost. Only then is a brand identity able to take hold. We do our best work in industries we are freshest in. We do not get mired in the tunnel-vision of your industry and instead bring best practices from other industries to your table. There is nothing more powerful than a business model that redefines a category.