How is your pricing determined?

Whether you have a pre-determined budget or not, we’ll evaluate your project needs and parameters in a few different ways to determine pricing.

First we look at the complexity of the job from a couple of different angles:
Say you’re a studio looking to contract for animation on an already designed project, your rate will be lower than if you’re a company or agency looking for concept-to-completion. The reason why this is cost more is that the more involved the project, the more we carry it with us. Concepting, designing and animating a project involves eating breakfast with it and tucking it into bed at night. It becomes something that’s lived with outside the studio.

Also, some projects are just easier to produce than others. We’re happy to explain our processes so that you can feel confident that your budget is being well managed.

Next we look at timeline. If your time allowance has breathing room, this will make your job less expensive. We can do rush jobs. They just cost a little more.

We’ll also evaluate what other products or services will be involved in producing your project. Will we need to purchase licensing for image or video assets? Will your project require broadcast colour timing? Will we need to purchase any additional materials?

What services do you offer?

We provide all of these services packaged together, as well as sub-contracting for specific roles.

Concept development, which is often a collaborative process with the client. Nobody knows your brand, project, and audience better than you, so whether you have an idea in mind already or not, this is something we’ll probably work on together.

Design, where we establish the look and feel of your project. We don’t, as a rule, do identity design. But your identity, coupled with the needs of the concept, will often be the seed from which we generate the design of your project. included in the design process are lots of digital sketches, collages and illustrations.

Animation, where we bring your concept to life. We animate primarily using digital software, including After Effects and Cinema4D. But as our roots are in traditional animation, we turn to cel and stop motion animation whenever a project can support it. Our foundational principle for animation lies in observations of the natural world and how things move organically.

Direction, brining all these elements together with a cohesive vision and overseeing it’s implementation.

Production, making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, that your job is staying on schedule, that communications are happening smoothly, that your budget is on track, and that all the parts of the machine are working smoothly.

What exactly is motion graphics?

Motion Graphics is kind of what it sounds like…moving graphics. Using animation, motion graphics artists spatially manipulate still images so that their appearance is transformed over time. Motion graphics design is very different from print or web, as the element of time must be taken into account when designing.

Where are you located?


Can you work with clients in the US or internationally?

Yes. We work regularly with Guatemalan and U.S. clients.

How do you deliver your content?

That depends on where the content will be displayed. If we’re creating online content or for digital devices, we’ll deliver digital files, to spec, to either you or your webmaster. If we’re going to broadcast, we deliver digitally to one of several broadcast distributors. If it’s for an event, we’ll deliver digitally or on DVD if preferred.